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10 Martial Art Studio’s Website Examples to Inspire You in 2024

10 Martial Art Studio’s Website Examples to Inspire You in 2024

Explore the dynamic world of martial arts with our curated collection of ’10 Martial Art Studio’s Website Examples.’

In this diverse showcase, we have selected a range of innovative and visually captivating websites from martial arts studios around the globe.

From traditional dojos to modern training centers, each website exemplifies creativity, functionality, and the essence of martial arts. Whether you’re a martial arts enthusiast, a studio owner, or a web designer seeking inspiration, this collection offers a glimpse into the the martial arts industry in 2024.

Why is it important for a martial arts studio to have a good website?

Now I’m going to explain some crucial points about the importance of a martial arts studio’s website. After reading that, you will understand why you need to make a website to survive in the present competition.

Online visibility: It’s a first impression of your business. People will find you online and learn about your business first through online.

Information: The website will provide important information such as course descriptions, instructor biographies, course fees, location maps, etc.

User Friendliness: Easy sign-up, payment, and communication are all made possible by using a website. The consumer experience benefits from this added comfort. 

Searchability: People look for martial arts classes in their area. They will find your school easily if the website’s SEO is properly optimized. 

Competitive Advantage: You will simply get an advantage over other martial arts schools that don’t have websites.

Engagement: The more you can engage with your customers, the more you will be successful in business. Your website can play a vital role to make engagement with your customers.

key elements of a good martial arts studio’s website

There are some facts that represent key elements of a website. An effective website should have those elements. It is important for the website of a qualified martial arts studio to deliver information, engage visitors, and represent the values of the school effectively. The following are important factors to think about:

  • Make sure the website’s navigation menu provides class schedules, pricing, teachers, and contact information easy to find.
  • The webpage should include high-quality photos and videos of classes. Besides,  Include a short headline stating the studio’s USP.
  • Include a brief description of each instructor’s background and experience.
  • Display good feedback from current and former students. It is an effective way to establish trust & belief. 
  • Regularly post martial arts, health, fitness, and studio event blogs or news. This shows your expertise and refreshes the website.
  • Provide a secure platform to sign up for courses and pay online.
  • Include your social media platform’s link in your website. Encourage people to follow and interact with your studio on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. 
  • Make sure it is easy to use in mobile too.
  • SEO optimization is a must. Improve search engine rankings by adding keywords and metadata to the webpage.

These are the key elements a website must have. Now we will provide you the examples of the best Martial Arts Websites. We will make you understand why they are the best in the business. So, let’s start.

10 Best Martial Arts Websites

1. Lee’s ATA Martial Arts

Let’s get started with Lee’s ATA Martial Arts website. ATA is a word that stands for Always Take Action. The ATA is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the taekwondo martial arts discipline. The Key elements of this website_

  • Lee’s mastered the art of visuals – from professional photos to attractive and excellent videos.
  • They have given an instant glimpse to visitor what it feels like to be a student at their martial art studios.
  • This company also shows excellent management by using a single website for it’s eight separate branches.
  • This website makes signing up for new students quick and easy.
  • Lastly, it’s giving plenty of offers for visitors to sign up for programs instantly.

2. Performance Jiu Jitsu

Performance Jiu Jitsu’s martial arts programs will teach you protection and may assist you in reaching your goals for fitness. Performance Jiu Jitsu‘s website has some good features.

  • A efficient theme which helps you to highlight your programs and employees in an engaging way.
  • There are lots of sections like Instructors, blog, schedule, Contact, Testimonials etc.
  • All sections are crystal clear to new visitors.
  • The image and video quality of website is eye catching too.
  • In addition, adult and kid’s classes are divided with prices.
  • They are offering free trial through their website.

3. Bellator

Bellator is a leading worldwide MMA company that features several of the world’s greatest fighters. Scott Coker, an experienced fight promoter, is in charge of the event. It is fast rising the ranks of the world’s greatest MMA fight. Their website is as great as their studios.

  • It promotes their matches brilliantly on the website.
  • They are so effective at advertising their events on the website.
  • They display their upcoming matches on their webpage in a clear, professional manner.
  • Dramatic pictures and counting down timers are very attractive to watch.
  • Bellator show it with minimal annoying ads and only what their visitors require.
  • You’ll get the description of every fighters on it.

Some people don’t forget to say, Bellator is the best website of martial art studio.

4. Seeds 13 BJJ Academy

Visit Seeds 13 BJJ Academy if you want to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. They are here to guide parents in growing their children to be strong supervisors, to increase their self-esteem, to feel fit, and to get in wonderful athletic shape. Their website’s strengths are_

  • Instead of using generic photographs, Seeds 13 is using its own stunning pictures.
  • Completely balanced with an easy and stylish website design.
  • It is simple to use on both a desktop and mobile phone.
  • Seeds 13 BJJ has content which is SEO optimized.
  • They generates a lot of traffic to their website, which brings in 140 leads every month!
  • Their Programs and special offers are clearly described in different sections.

If you want to convert your reader to your customer, then follow Seeds 13 BJJ Academy.

5. Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy

Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy has an excellent online presence. Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy is one of the most highly regarded and high-quality mixed martial arts schools in the country. It has an eye-catching website Design.

  • The Website runs smoothly for visitors to use.
  • It has straightforward Calls to Action.
  • Look at the image below. Membership, programs, free trials, online, schedule all section are divided properly.
  • Besides, social media link is connected as well.
  • There is a intro video in the first page, it made this website more classic.
  • The website makes superb use of colors that promote their brand.
  • Plenty of images and content that fall right into your hands when you read it.

It’s a great example of attractive and usable website for a Martial Arts Studios.

Visit our website for more information and resources about creating a new website.

6. NY Martial Arts Academy Brooklyn

The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Nucleus recognized NY Martial Arts Academy as the first school in the tri-state area. The team included Bruce Lee’s wife, daughter, and both both first and second generation students. It’s a lovely website that’s also really effective. NY Martial Arts Academy Brooklyn provides a model for Martial Arts Club websites globally.

  • This website has bold colors and artwork.
  • It has a large landing page. 
  • Besides, there are visually amazing designs in every pages.
  • There’s also a call to action at the top and bottom of main page.
  • This website will help you to get all the information you need.
  • There is a page where customers can arrange their first class online, including the schedule, day, and time.
  • Video of the first page completely describes the scenario of Studios.
  • Different programs are clearly provided in different sections.

7. Conor Mcgregor

I’m sure You know Conor Mcgregor. One of the best UFC fighters. Most of times he involves in controversy. But one thing is guaranteed, he is a reputed MMA fighter. His website is extremely elegantly created as well!

  • Conor’s website uses full-screen photos, videos, and strong visuals to create an impressive look.
  • His face is on every page of the website, just like the man himself.
  • The menu and overall design are very clean and straightforward.
  • It’s not the best content for written delivery, but it’s an excellent highlight of video and visuals. 
  • This website shows the products and their price properly.
  • It shows the price on your country’s currency. It makes you feel that Conor is from your country.

8. Unlimited Martial Arts NYC

It’s a well reputed Martial Art school of USA. It’s located in New York City. Take a look at Unlimited Martial Arts NYC’s website. If you want something stylish and professional. 

  • Their website design is very interactive, including teacher bios.
  • A schedule section and a class list talk about the exact point.
  • The class calendar enables users to choose between courses by level and type.
  • It makes very simple for website visitors to get exactly what they’re searching for.
  • They offer 8 types of Marita art in a website.
  • Home page video is very stylish and professional.

Click here to start your journey and Let’s start a conversation to share your thought.

9. Edmond Martial Arts Academy

Their teachers are here to advise, guide, and inspire the members to be the best they can be and to have a great impact on Edmond. If we’re talking about simple navigation, we have to mention Edmond Martial Arts.

  • Not only their website is well-organized, but they also make it almost impossible to ignore their contact information.
  • Potential students will have no trouble contacting them.
  • There contact form is placed on multiple pages around the website.
  • There Navigation bar is so unique.
  • USP is given in the Home page.
  • Why Martial Art is important, It is clearly described in their website.
  • Pricing, Programs, Special offers are easy to understand.


You may not watch Ronda Rousey in MMA fight, but you must saw her on WWE. She is named as the “baddest woman on the planet”. Her website is also gorgeous like her fighting skills.

  • Her website contains Strong visuals.
  • Merchandise are all wrapped into one extremely appealing homepage.
  • It appears to extend over into many of the different pages in the navigation.
  • This website is keeping everything colorful and organized.
  • Also her website show every update of her WWE storyline and her overall information.
  • Her life journey, MMA, Products all are beautifully organized in different sections of website.

Well, We’ve provided ten different website examples to you. Now you should be ready to make new website for your Martial Art School. Or maybe you could simply develop your existing site. We know you are running a fantastic martial Art school. Now your turn to convert all your website visitors to your students.

Tip : Explore our latest article on the ‘Best Website Builder for Small Businesses in 2023‘ and effortlessly create your business website.

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10 Martial Art Studio’s Website Examples to Inspire You in 2024

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