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3 best Pricing Table Plugins for Elementor

3 best Pricing Table Plugins for Elementor

It’s tough to sell a product or service, and selling online is even harder.

When you’re selling something online, you have to keep in mind that customers have many choices. So, you have to show them why your product is the best fit for them and you have to convince them in a short time.

One effective way to do this is by using pricing and comparison tables.

These tables display all the features of a product along with their prices in one place. This helps customers to scan your product description and offers quickly.

In this article, I will discuss the 3 best pricing table plugins for Elementor.

Why You Should Have a Pricing Table for Your Business?

Here are several reasons why you should have a pricing table for your business:

  1. Clarity for Customers: A pricing table clearly outlines what customers will get for their money. This clarity reduces uncertainty and help customers to make informed decisions.
  2. Easier Decision-Making: Customers can easily compare different packages or plans, which simplifies their decision-making process.
  3. Highlighting Value: It allows you to highlight the value of different features and services, helping customers understand the benefits of higher-tier options.
  4. Upselling Opportunities: By showing what is included in each tier, you can encourage customers to opt for more comprehensive (and more expensive) plans.
  5. Quick Access to Information: They provide quick and easy access to key information, which can reduce friction in the purchasing process.
  6. Clear Call to Action: Pricing tables often include clear calls to action (CTAs), guiding customers toward making a purchase.
  7. Psychological Triggers: Strategic use of pricing strategies, such as charm pricing (ending prices in .99) and decoy pricing (introducing a higher-priced option to make other options look more attractive), can drive conversions.
  8. Customer Preferences: Analyzing which pricing plans are most popular can provide insights into customer preferences and behavior.
  9. Adjustable Strategies: Allows you to easily adjust pricing strategies based on market feedback and performance data.

3 Best Pricing Table Plugins for Elementor

#1 SaasPricing

Price: Have both (Free & Paid) options

SaasPricing is a fully responsive pricing and comparison table plugin designed for Elementor.

With SaasPricing, you can easily create and customize price tables and comparison tables for service-based business websites and SaaS pricing pages. It offers the flexibility to customize your pricing plans and comparison tables to suit your specific needs.

Different Table Options of SaasPricing :

Comparison Price Table

Pricelist Widget

Vertical Price Table

Horizontal Price Table

Saas Pricing Table Features :

1. Customization Flexibility : SaasPricing provides a pricing table that can be easily customized to meet your needs. You can personalize the colors, fonts, and layout of the table using a simple interface.

This allows you to add or remove rows and columns, change colors, adjust spacing, modify icons, and even the rating properties to match your brand’s requirements.

2. Upload Images and Icons : You can easily upload pictures and icons to customize your pricing presentation that match your brand.

3. RTL & MultiLang Support : You can customize the table to your preferred language, to make it easy to use for the users of different languages. It also support right to left text format.

4. Multi Currency : This table offers a variety of multi-currency options to choose from, including BDT, Dollar, Euro, Baht, Franc, Guilder, Krona, Lira, Peseta, Peso, and others. You can also customize the currency to suit your preferences.

5. Discounted Price : With SaasPricing you can offer a discounted price to boost your sales. It grabs your audience’s interest by showcasing special deals, encouraging them to select your plans.

6. Ribbons : The ribbons in this pricing table works as a visual cue that point out important features or deals, like “Most Popular” or “Recommended” or “On Sale”. They make it easier for users to spot and choose specific plans that catch their eye.

7. Tooltips: The tooltips in this pricing table give you extra info without cluttering the main display. You can easily see details about specific features by hovering over the feature.

8. Drag & Drop Functionality: The drag and drop feature of this pricing table lets you create a cool pricing table without any knowledge of coding.

9. Lightbox: This pricing table also has a “lightbox” feature. It’s a pop-up window that appears when you interact with a certain part of the table, like clicking on an image.

10. Dual CTA Button Supported: Having dual CTA button support means users can choose between two actions easily – starting their plan right away or learning more.

11. Reviews Counter: The reviews counter shows how many customers have liked the product or service.

12. Countdown Timer: The countdown timer creates a sense of urgency for potential customers, showing that offers are limited-time. It encourages users to make quick decisions and grab discounted prices.

13. Multi-Column Supported up to 5 (Pro): This feature allows you to compare up to five different products or services side by side.

14. Monthly & Yearly Pricing Table Switch or Toggle (Pro): The Pro version lets customers switch between monthly or yearly payment options easily.

15. Spam Protection RecaptchaV3 Supported (Pro): The Pro version comes with advanced security features like RecaptchaV3 to stop spam and keep your users safe.

16. Stripe Checkout Payment Supported (Pro): Users can make payments securely with Stripe Checkout in the Pro version.

17. 20+ Prebuilt Attractive Pricing Table Template Import (Pro): With the Pro version, you get over 20 ready-made pricing table templates to import and make your pricing table look professional and match your brand’s style.

    #2. Go Pricing

    Price– $27

    Go pricing offers clean pricing plans with modern colors and lots of empty space to prevent it from looking crowded.

    You can select from a variety of themes, some tailored for specific industries. The plugin also works with different page builders and includes shortcodes, making it easy for anyone to create pricing tables without needing advanced coding skills.

    Go Pricing Table Features :

    1. The pricing table on your website is organized into different sections for easy editing. These sections include the header, main content, and buttons.

    2. When you buy the plugin, you get access to more than 250 sample tables to help you quickly set up your own pricing page. This feature is designed to save time for most businesses.

    3. You can easily customize your pricing table by dragging and dropping elements using popular page builder tools like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and WPBakery.

    4. This plugin is user-friendly for all skill levels, with a simple interface that allows you to use short codes, import data, and adjust settings easily.

    5. To make your pricing tables more attractive, you can add animations and choose from a wide selection of font icons.

    6. For advanced users, there is a custom CSS module available to enhance the table’s appearance beyond the standard features.

    7. You can also include special features like media elements, PayPal buttons, and Google Maps to make your pricing table stand out.

    #3. WP Table Builder

    Price – Starts from $39.20

    WP Table Builder is an easy-to-use tool for building comparison tables in WordPress. You can create responsive tables and add them to your website or online store with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

    While it can be used for general tables, it’s particularly useful for comparing prices. The plugin supports various elements like text, images, lists, star ratings, and buttons, and allows you to insert your own HTML code.

    There are both free and premium versions of this tool available.

    WP Table Builder Features :

    1. You can customize all parts of your tables with ease.

    2. This includes adding new rows, columns, merging cells, splitting cells, and other functions.

    3. You can use a simple drag-and-drop tool to easily place tables on any page or post.

    4. You have the option to import CSV files directly into a new table.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing the right pricing table plugin for Elementor depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, SaasPricing stands out as an excellent choice for its ease of use, customization options, and overall value.

    It offers a great blend of features and affordability, making it a perfect fit for both beginners and experienced Elementor users.

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    3 best Pricing Table Plugins for Elementor

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