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The Complete SEO Mastery Course for Beginners

Learn The Complete SEO Mastery Course for Beginners

Become a Professional SEO Master

Course Details

Finding Keywords That Will Work For You

Adding Keywords To Your URL: WordPress

Content: Keyword Concentration

Verifying Your Website With Webmaster

How To Add A Description To Your Pictures

Adding Keywords To Your URL: HTML

Handbook: Website SEO

Cool SEO WordPress Plugins

What Will I Learn?

You will gain tremendous insight into SEO

Learn how search engines work and vital parts of almost all search algorithms

You will be able to do SEO on your own for your website

Learn to get SEO traffic even if you don't rank in Google

Smart SEO strategies used only by very savvy marketers

Learn to dominate Google search as well as other search platforms

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12-15 class will be held in your convenient Time

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7,000 BDT




T-shirts + Certificated will be provided after completing course

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