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15 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Get More customers

15 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Get More customers

It’s 2023, and the plumbing business’s competition is higher than ever in the USA. I’m sure you are here to know how you can compete in plumbing industry. You’re looking for some ideas. If you are a plumbing business owner, yes, you are in the right place. You will get a complete idea of the marketing strategy of your business.

Look, there are thousands of plumbing businesses in the USA. You don’t need to compete with everyone. You need to compete with your local competitors, as plumbing is a local service. But there are lots of local competitors as well. Are you worried about that?

There’s nothing to worry about. This article will show you the proper marketing strategy to compete against your local competitors. You will get the idea of both digital marketing & traditional marketing strategies. Also, you have the chance to be a top brand of your area if you can apply them perfectly. 

So, Let’s discuss the best plumbing marketing ideas.

1. Invest on brand development

Look at your competitors and think why you are different. Show your customers why you are different. This is how you will establish your Brand.

For a Plumbing business, your brand needs Logo, identity, different approaches, etc. Do your branding as unique so that people will think about your company when they need plumber.

Logo, Tagline and Visual identity

Create a professional logo with plumbing related images or symbols. Here you can use water falls, pipelines, wrenches, etc. Make sure the logo is simple, visually attractive, and well organized.


Create a memorable tagline or brand message that shows your plumbing business’s unique value. For example, “Home plumbing services you can depend on.” Put this tagline with your brand logo in every advertisement.

Visual Identity

It is connected with the logo and color of the overall branding. Try to use a color which shows cleanliness, trust, reliability, etc. Green, white can be great choices. Use this color in the logo, uniform, and vehicle everywhere.

Branded Vehicle

Use Vehicle to provide the service. Put your company’s colors, logo, and contact information on the vehicle. It will increase your brand awareness very quickly. When people see your vehicle, they will surely remember your company. It will increase awareness for your plumbing business. 

Branded Uniform and Card

Employees & plumbers can carry company’s card to increase brand awareness. Different uniforms and business cards can be a trust factor for customers. Make sure to include your brand’s color, logo, tagline on your uniform and card.
So, you can improve your brand awareness and visibility among your target & existing customers by following these ideas.

2. Establish relationships on social media

This is 2023, and people are now highly involved in social media. From young to old, everyone is using social media these days. So what could be a better option than social media to promote your business? There are different ways to do social media marketing.  There are some different marketing tactics for social media.

Interact with potential customers

Suppose, you have too many old customers. Now you want to get some new customers. Do you know? Your potential customers are always scrolling on social media. So, the more you engage with them on social media, the more you can gain their trust. You need to think how you can always stay in touch of your potential customers in social media. So, Online reviews are also important. You can identify your happy customers. Also, your prospective customers will look at your review first. 

Keep Posting activities

Let, you are providing top-notch plumbing services in your area. But your potential customers don’t know about your activities. So, create a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and keep posting videos and photos of what you are doing. This will help you to build the trust of your audience.

Invest on Social media Ads

I’ve already told you that your customers are scrolling Facebook and YouTube. So, invest on making creative online Ads and put your Ads on plumbing or hardware and electrics related videos on Social media. Besides, you can do content marketing by using popular influencers. Invest on digital marketing strategy as much as you can. 

3. Improve Your Online Presence and Trust

Look, online means not only just social media. You need to grab the understanding of whole internet marketing. You can make sure your online presence using different media. It will help to build your brand visibility & trust of customers.

Register on major rating platforms

There are different rating platforms on Internet like Yelp, Thumbtack, Google Reviews, etc. You can register on those platforms. People will review & rate your company there. It will help to build trust of your potential customers. Customers can understand that you are in business.

Make your Google my business Profile

People will search on Google by your company name. You need to make sure that they can find it on Google Maps as well. You need to make sure; you have created google my business page. It increases the visibility of your business. You will control and change the information, images, and contact information that comes up in search results. So, google business profile is so important.

4. Use attractive headlines everywhere

A headline can help you to show your content to the viewer. Think about your own. When you see a attractive headline, you click this to watch the full video. Right? This is how you will attract your potential customers.

Upload YouTube Videos

I’ve already suggested you open a YouTube channel. Because video marketing is important. Make sure every headline in your videos is attractive. If you can’t pick a proper headline, your views will go down. No matter how good your contents are. So, think ten times before writing a headline

Note: We used our logo in this picture, but we ain’t plumbing service providers. Actually, Debuggers Studio is a E-Commerece & Web Solution Company.

Go live with Facebook Page

The same thing goes with your Facebook page. Create a catchy and creative headline for every post & video. Besides, think about the headline while going live with your Facebook page. You can run videos on both Facebook & YouTube with the same Headline.

5. Create an excellent impression in person

Yes, Online marketing is important for plumbing businesses right now. But actually, you are providing services offline. So, create a good impression with your customers in person. Recruit skilled & humble Plumbers.

Best Customer Service

You know what you are doing. Provide the best effort on your service. Do as per wants your customers. Make sure your customers are happy with your services. After your service, customer’s smiles are important. You need to focus on customer’s plumbing emergency. Because your actual performance is more important than your overall marketing.

Make good relationships

Create a good relationship with your customers & employee as well. Giving rewards to plumbers can make good inter-relationship. For customers, you should focus on good service, discounts, behaviors for making good relationship.

Offer different discounts

Sales Promotion is important to make a good impression of customers. If you provide discounts, some free services, and different seasonal offers for your customers, customers will recall you when they need plumbing service once again.

6. Create the standard of your website

At present time, almost every plumbing business has their website to reach out more customers. Why don’t you go for that? A website is much needed for a plumbing company right now. Website will help to build trust & reliability of the customer. It will also increase standard & smartness of your business. Your website will be the greatest source of generating customers.

Make a Fantastic website

So, first of all, hire a web development team and make a killer website. Website should be attractive, effective, fast, responsive and clear. Make sure, it is mobile friendly. People generally feel free to use their mobile phones to call you for a service. You have to convert visitors to customers. Make a clearly understandable website. Service, Contact, reviews, blog, USP everything should be clear on the website. You should focus on readability, cleanliness, and visual appeal of your website. You must need a skilled web development team to make your website.

Put your brand into it

You’ve already created a brand for your plumbing business. Now you just put everything on your website. Put the same brand color, logo, tagline and create standard website. Whenever people come to visit the website, make sure they can easily identify your brand.

Write blog about your business

Start writing blog about Plumbing. Search on Google about plumbing related content. Then start writing your own blog on those topics. Your target is converting reader to a customer. Hire a professional writer for your company so that people can convince after reading and ask for your service.

7. Work on local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for any business. More customers will find you if you come up in the search results. You’ll loose on business competition if your site doesn’t rank highly in search engines, That’s it. Because Other Plumbing business are capturing market by doing proper SEO. Remember, plumbing is kind of small business & service is for local people. So, you need to focus on local search engines. So, how can your business grow by local SEO?

Research Keyword

Think about keywords which can help to rank your website. Research on keywords which is mostly used for plumbing website. For example, plumbing is a local business. So, if you can use local keywords, it would be great. You can use “San Francisco Plumbing” instead of “Plumbing”. This is how keywords work. Your SEO would be better as specific your keywords would be. 

Optimization of Google Business Account

You have now idea about google my business account. So, make sure local people find your location when they search for your company name. Google Business Account is too helpful for SEO. If your account is set up properly, your location will be shown like this

Analysis and monitor

Local content, local keywords are important to get rank locally. You need to Keep checking your google rank regularly. Analyze why your SEO works or doesn’t work in your area. You should pay attention to meta tags, page titles, and image alt tags for the right keywords. Besides, creating quality content for your plumbing business is important. Research about this and develop your local SEO as needed. Following trends could be important for making perfect SEO.

8. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a great marketing for plumbers. You can build a good relationship with your potential customers via email marketing. You can continuously mail them just for making relationship. In that case, you can provide two kinds of mail. With these two you can run email marketing campaign. 

Direct Offer

You can direct offer your service. This is direct mail marketing. Your potential customers will be aware of your service. When they need plumbing service, they will remember you first. This is the advantage of email marketing. You should email local people continuously to get new customers. 

Informational Email

Here, you don’t email for Selling your services. You just talk about plumbing service. You can talk about plumbing related products. Also, you can discuss necessary information about plumbing business. 

9. Local Bill Board Ads

Billboard Ads using celebrity can be a good option for marketing. Try on the top of the General shop, road side. Show a photo of celebrity with your plumbing products. Put your logo, tagline on the billboard. You can try it on your local area where you are serving.

10. Advertisement in Newspaper

House owners, Business owners are used to read Newspaper everyday. So, advertisement in newspaper is not a bad idea. It has to be on local News paper.Always think about your niche while doing marketing. Your advertising ideas depend on your targeted niche. 

11. Involvement in Community Events

People love community events. Generally, community events are the platform where local people gather together. So you can promote your business on community events.


Who doesn’t love sports. Every aged people love sports. There are lots of sports events are held in your local area, sponsor them. sponsoring sports event could be a costly but effective marketing tips. 

Cultural Program

Apply same activities with cultural event. Try to represent your business in a cultural supportive way. Sponsor the events and mix your brand with the events.

12. Partnership with local business

Firstly trust your business & then find a local business you can work with. Reach out to them to form a partnership. They will always refer you to new customers whenever they have a plumbing related project. Customers who may need your partner’s business related help, you always give your them a referral. This partnership benefits both parties. It can increase the chance to grow your business quickly. It is a part of your marketing.

13. Show your USP

Some times Word-of-mouth marketing won’t help your plumbing business. Think & discover what makes your plumbing business unique from others. Make sure people will understand that you are different from other Plumbing company. USP could be your

  • High quality service
  • Niche offerings
  • Experience in the industry
  • Fast response
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Creative content
  • Creative blog

or anything else that keeps your business apart from the competition. You can put your USP on your website, social media page, Ads etc. Make sure everyone can see it easily. Showing USP is a effective form of marketing. It is a need for plumbing services.

14. Razor-Blade Strategy

This could be another plumbing marketing plan. It’s a strategic way to grow your business. If you can apply it properly, you will generate higher revenue for sure. So, what is Razor-Blade Strategy?

Selling primary product/service at lower cost and make profit from additional products. Make sure that product is complementary of primary Product.

For example, You will provide plumbing service at lower cost but make profit from plumbing related product. Sell water filter, pipe, to your customers, water softeners, cleaning products, plumbing tools, Kits etc. Besides, your social media platform can be another source of making profit. It is a dynamic idea to get plumbing leads. So, your additional products will help your business. 

15. Sales Promotion

Several time I’ve talked about Sales promotion. Now I’m going to discuss it broadly. Sales promotions are an excellent way to promote your plumbing business. It will bring in new customers. Sales promotion is effective marketing efforts. Some plumbing related sales promotion can be


It could be long term discount or it could be seasonal discount. Discount creates an need for the customers. They want to take service at low cost whenever they get the chance. Sometimes you can provide online booking discounts so that people visit your website.


Customers can’t trust any service provider till they take the service. So, for gaining their trust, you can offer discount at very first service. Either you can do one free sample work for them. It will increase trust and there is a high chance to build a relationship. Prepare your plumbers to work for free sometimes. 


People love contest. Your social media, website is better platform to arrange any contest for your audience. Then give them reward. It will build relationship and it is the good way to promote your brand as well. 


Now what are you thinking? Are you confused? which marketing approach goes with your plumbing business? No worries, You don’t have to try all approaches. These are the ideas for you. Now you think which plumber marketing ideas are perfect for you and pick those. You can understand which marketing can help better. 

Every 15 points are important as plumbing marketing strategies. If you can perfectly apply some of these ideas for your plumbing, you will surely be successful. Now, think about your budget, your culture, your target audience & your ability. Then you can easily choose the perfect marketing strategies for your plumbing business. When you can fix which strategies are best for you, then take those and start your marketing campaign to get plumbing customers. I wish, You will be able to grow your plumbing business quickly. 

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15 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Get More customers

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