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Introducing Kids To Graphic Designing

Introducing Kids To Graphic Designing

Every kid has a little da Vinci in them. Or, at least, every parent thinks their kid does. And any parent with an artistic child knows the importance of keeping their child’s creative mind flowing and kids to graphic designing and kid entrepreneurs. Fortunately, it’s easy to foster that innate creativity by teaching your kids to graphic designing and be smart to study. The best part is, you don’t have to be an expert yourself. If you don’t already have Photoshop or another graphic design program, there are tons of free applications, tutorials or very reliable paid courses floating around that can get you up to speed easily.

Kids graphic design

Ask a graphic designer to describe what they do and you’ll most likely get the response; “I design logos, cards, and posters.” Ask them to go into more detail, and the topic can quickly become quite dry. So, introducing your kids to graphic designing can be a tricky subject to navigate without losing their interest. But once into it, it will definitely benefit them in their career in the future.

Graphic design is everywhere, from traffic signs to the logo for the Olympic Games; software user interfaces to website design; the logo on your child’s favorite sneakers; or the cover title in their favorite comic.

Graphic design ideas

As graphic design permeates through every part of modern life, it can be quite easy to take it for granted. It can also be quite difficult to explain exactly what it is, in the simplest of terms. This article will give you a variety of content to help you introduce kids to graphic designing. It will also discuss some of the graphic design software you can try and some other additional online courses if your child wants to learn more.

This is a growing industry and companies are always looking for additions to creative teams who will help them thrive. Engaging your kids in graphic designing-related activities is a good way to maintain their interest.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the top two image editing applications for graphic designers and aspiring graphic designers would do well to learn how these applications work.

Create Your Own Logo

A logo helps build a brand’s identity. Let your kids express what their personal logo would look like. You can create a logo that represents you in general or create a company that sells your child’s favorite product. Look for examples from their favorite products and companies. Discuss the types of colors that are used to represent different brands.


Kids logo design


Typography is the study of font types. A huge part of becoming a good graphic designer is building your knowledge of typography. Shoot the Serif is a fast-paced and fun game that is easy to learn. The goal is to simply shoot the font styles that are serif while trying to avoid shooting the sans serifs. A serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. A sans serif is a letter or symbol that does not have a line attached.


Create Your Own Business Card

Designing your own business card is a fun project that teaches kids how to share important information in the business world. Your kids will learn how to express and get their ideas in a small space. Teach them the type of information that goes on a business card. This is also a great way for kids to practice memorizing important information such as their phone numbers and home address.

Typography knowledge

Custom Package Label

Children love personalizing things. Here’s a fun way to let your kids learn about packaging. Replace your favorite package with your very own design. For inspiration, go through your pantry and find a few packages of food that your child enjoys. See what they have in common. Talk about the way the words are placed or what type of image is used in the package. Notice the colors used to represent different types of food.


However, despite being supported with a huge number of tutorials and video blogs, they are difficult to master, and jumping straight in might discourage your kids. There are a large number of courses available offered by many experts already working in the industry who can not only teach you from their expertise but also from their experiences in this line. If your child is ready to develop their graphic design skills further, such courses are worth looking into.

Often people are introduced to graphic design later in life, for example, when they undertake a college course, or they need a logo created and that’s when they realize how important even the basics of graphic designing are. It will not only help your children with their projects and work but also elevate their careers to a new height. Get your kids designing not just graphics, but a promising future as well.

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Introducing Kids To Graphic Designing

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