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How To Start Online News Portal Business In Bangladesh

How To Start Online News Portal Business In Bangladesh

In the past, print media of newspaper was the preferred method for reading a newspaper. Then arrive the digital era, where the methods people used to get their news from digital means peaked compared to that of attaining the news through print newspapers. This trend indicated an increase in digital consumption of newspapers, as opposed to print.

An online news portal is the online version of a newspaper, either as a stand-alone publication or as the online version of a printed periodical. Most of the news and magazine industries are going online by developing and designing online news portal services and introducing e-papers. In the future, while the technology is growing in a super speed, without a strong online presence newspapers and magazines will definitely struggle to exist. The best way is to change, change with time.

Bangladesh is one of the countries in the world with approximately 160 million people and its experiencing a great boom in the growth of online news portals in the recent past due to the development of wireless communication technologies. The seemingly ease of online content production has been an integral perspective leading to the mushrooming of online news portals all over the country burgeoning a culture of substandard journalism.

Build Your Online News Portal Today

Online news portal

With our insatiable thirst for information, news agencies are booming, mostly online. While some are really good and indeed reliable source of information, the other online news portals are just sub-par, but somehow those are much more popular. And that’s because starting an online news portal is now easier than ever with the right steps taken. Even you can open up one such news portal from the comfort of your own room. By developing a news portal website you can create a strong online presence without spending too much. News portal development and design is not a complex process as you can do it easily through the simple steps that will guide you to start an online news portal easily:

Name Your News Portal & Create Your Media Logo

Getting your news site up and running begins with setting a catchy, relevant name and  your media logo. Your logo will say a lot about the quality of your site and the integrity of your news content. Design a media logo that you’re happy with from the start before you open your site to visitors. You can make a logo from many templates available online or on the other hand, many agencies can help you with this task of not only making the logo but also help you to with the idea for a creative and a relevant logo that goes with your brand.Company Media

Get Your Domain Name & Web Hosting Service

News portal development process starts with buying a domain name for your online news service. Buy one as per your choice and try to make it easy to remember and type. Make sure that the domain name fits your brand name. You can choose Godaddy or any other domain provider to get your name.

Domain and Web Hosting Service

Next, choosing a web host provider is very important. Your chosen web host acts as a storage space to save all your files, posts, pages and databases online. Go for some strong and reliable hosting services like HostGator. The suggestion here is to not go for free, cheap and poor hosting services. They will cause you to suffer in many ways and will slow down your website.


Develop A website & Mobile App

Your website’s design is just as important as your site’s content. You want your site to be visually appealing and easy to navigate so that your site is sticky and visitors hang around. You can find plenty of free news website templates on the Internet to give you a website in minutes. As you design your website and put every sidebar and widget in place, just make sure you’re not committing these website designs forever or your site’s success will be hindered. You can always search for top-notch IT companies and hand them over with any such project of yours.

A mobile app too is necessary to survive the competition in this digitally transforming era. People spend most of their times on the their cell phones and that’s where you can reach your audience more and in an effective way. That is why, any business you undertake, a mobile app synced with the official website is an absolute necessity to thrive and grow your business.

Web site and mobile app builder

Collect News and Information & Publish

Now, it is time to publish your content. Collect right and relevant information by yourself, your team or from any other reliable sources. Try to always stay up to date because that is the core defining factor of any news media, be it on papers or online. Make sure that you come up with quality articles with captivating headlines. Never bore readers with your content and try to study and research on topics of people’s interest before you start publishing.


Establish Your Social Media Accounts

With solid social media writing skills, you can build an instant, loyal audience through social media. But if you feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions and your social media activity begins to suffer, hire social media management service offered by various agencies to handle your social media accounts for you. The investment will be worth it.

Social Media

Promote Your News Portal

News portals exist with promotion. Without vigorous promotional strategies, your newly built news portal may fail to reach target audience and attract them. Applying SEO for your site is the first and foremost way to promote your site and reach out to the audience more.

Although you still need great SEO in your content, you can’t rely on SEO alone to put your site on the map anymore. You need active social media accounts to succeed. Social media is the best promotional tool you can use. If you use the networks like Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc., rightly they can send traffic to your sites almost instantly whenever you publish a new content. Don’t choose one social media platform over the other either. It’s easy to battle with the question of Twitter Vs. Facebook Vs. Google+ but the truth is, you need them all and they can work hand in hand to drive your audience to your news site.

Promoting News Portal

Your choice of agency should be able to help you with SEO and social media promotion to help your news portal serve its purpose rightly.


With the booming rise in technological advancement and people’s dire need to get all the information on things happening around them and all over the world instantly through the internet where they are always available, this business of an online news portal will definitely be a right choice for one to make!

Worried about how each steps mentioned above can be achieved altogether? Well there are IT companies and agencies out there like, Debuggers Studio for example, who as your agency partner will get most of the job done for you. Starting from making the logo to developing website and the mobile app to your social media management. Last but not the least, such It agency can also help you with SEO for your website and your social media promotions as well.

There’s no barrier here, other than to take the first step for yourself in this path and creating a digital presence among all.

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How To Start Online News Portal Business In Bangladesh

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