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Learn Advance Programming Course Outline

Learn Beginning To Advanced Programming

Learn Basic to Advanced Programming In Any Programming Language

Course Details

Introduction Of Programming

In this section will talk about all about programming languages and importance of programming.

Start Writing Code

In this section we will choose aa particular programming languages and know about compiler and start writing code

Variables, constants and types

In this section,we will talk about variable types constants and other syntax.

If Else Conditional Operator

In this section we will learn how to set condition on a single program. how program logically work.

Arrays, loops and break

In this section we will talk about Array, loops and how to break the loop.

Strings, chars and pointers

In this section, we will know about string and how to take input string in your program.

Structs, enums, header files and scope

In this section, we will talk about built in function and keywords.


In this section,we will learn how we can read and write file using our Program.

Functions, arguments and switch

In this section, we will learn how make our code more readable and dynamic using function and more.

OPP concept

In this section we will know about Object Oriented programming and how we can write code object oriented way.


Learn core concepts Programming

Learn all about Programming syntax

Learn And developed problem solving skill

Learn how to set condtion to a program

learn all about loop,Array String

Learn more about Data Structure and OPP


Total Class

15-18 class will be held in your convenient Time

Course Fee

7,000 BDT




T-shirts + Certificated will be provided after completing course

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